Moonstone · Purple Moss

05 / 2024
CGI & Visualization
Breathtaking landscape - Bentley on a marble with purple moss
05 / 2024
Automotive by KYYO
Bentley on a marble pedestal draped in purple moss. This masterpiece projects beauty and luxury. Built for the few, its elegance is unsurpassed.
Bentley Batur Mulliner

Once upon a time,

the Moon's surface was covered by vast oceans that shimmered under the distant sun. Over the millennia, the waters receded, leaving behind a breathtaking landscape of polished marble, etched with the memory of ancient tides. Today, the marble plains are draped in a rich carpet of purple moss, a striking contrast to the pristine white stone. The purple moss thrives in the low-gravity environment, lending an ethereal beauty to the lunar terrain. These marble sections intertwined with vibrant moss tell a story of transition and timeless beauty, captivating all who gaze upon them.

Discover the journey of Moonstone also on Behance.

A Masterpiece of Marble and Moss, Redefining Lunar Luxury
Purple moss frames this symbol of luxury.


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